Roon & Rahn

Exhibiting geometric beauty, minimalistic elegance, and effortless functionality

Oak lover? We are too… Roon & Rahn’s Danish design specialize in creating ethically sustainable hall furniture. The unique Danish design duo’s products are renowned for their long lasting characteristics, quality and functional oak furniture, guaranteed to catch the eye’s of your guests.

Scarpiera da ingresso di Roon & Rahn

Roon & Rahn are not your average designers, they create products of inspiration, emotion and eternal value. Utilizing materials that last for generations and exceed all modern criteria.

Appendiabiti da parete di Roon & Rahn
Tavolo da consolle Roon & Rahn

“There is already an abundance of furniture within the world. Excessive consumption and a throwaway culture are a problem. However, we are witnessing a change in attitude in favour of a value-based consumption model, to which we would like to contribute. This is done by the designing of products which provide the longest possible lifespan”.

Roon & Rahn.

The distinctive and uniform design of Roon & Rahn’s products, corresponds to the traditional and articulate Nordic experience of elegance, simplicity and functionality.

Appendiabiti da parete Reces di Roon & Rahn

Dynamic and versatile functionality are two key descriptions of Roon & Rahn’s products. Specially designed to be simply adjusted for multiple purposes of functionality and comfortability, whilst forever looking stylish and natural.

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