Ultra-moisturizing after-sun set from Laponie of Scandinavia


Ultra-moisturizing after-sun face set. Vegan and natural ingredients. Save € 26. Free shipping.

Data di consegna stimata: December 12, 2022.

Dry and irritated skin after enjoying your time in the sun? Do not worry. This luxurious moisturizing, soothing and calming set is the perfect remedy for sensitive and problematic dry skin. This set of three products is a real soothing and moisturizing SOS treatment, perfect for everyday emergencies or when you’ve been enjoying yourself in the sun a little too much…it’s okay! We’ve all do it. However, this after-sun set is guaranteed to provide incredible relieving of redness and irritation. Our Toner Spray balances, moisturizes and soothes and our award-winning calming serum gel moisturizes, soothes and repairs. The award-winning All-Around conditioner completes everything, softening, calming and retaining hydration.

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Laponie of Scandinavia products are formulated for sensitive and problematic skin. No added fragrance. Vegan and natural ingredients. Developed in our Helsinki laboratory and manufactured in Finland.
Preparing for your sunny vacation away? Make sure your skin enjoys your time in the sun as much as you do. Refreshing and cool alternative to dry and agitated skin.