“Stilk” bedside table by Form & Refine


Bedside table designed to exceed the ‘simplistic and functional’ requirements of designer tables. This piece is a real stroke of genius both in design and functionality. A favourite with us at Nordik Design.

Material: oak wood. Dimensions: 37x32x35 cm.

Design: Herman Studio.

Data di consegna stimata: December 15, 2022.

This versatile and conceptual bedside table boasts minimalist and functional design. The table base, which appears to be suspended in the air, has three different adjustable heights. Perfect for complimenting early morning coffees and late-night books.

The tables versatility makes it perfectly and stylishly suitable for many different functions for example: bedside table or sofa side table.

The design of this coffee table was formed around the simple idea of ​​creating an extremely light yet stable piece of furniture. A table that makes a noticeable difference to everyday luxuries and stands out in any room it is placed.

Beautiful and elegant for guest rooms also, displaying to your guests the true meaning of comfort and class.

Comodino Stilk di Form & Refine
Comodino Stilk di Form & Refine
Comodino Stilk di Form & Refine
Comodino Stilk di Form & Refine