“Shoemaker” N.78 stool by Form & Refine


A truly unique piece of Nordic design masterclass. A sophisticated stool with multiple purposes, perfectly suited to all environments.

Material: wood.

Design: Werner.

Made in Denmark.

Dimensions: 58x78x49 cm.

Consegna stimata December 16, 2022 se ordini entro 08 hours and 28 minutes.

A true classic, handcrafted in Denmark since 1936, still produced today by our skilled and dedicated local carpenters.

The seat is masterfully moulded from a large piece of solid wood and due to the variations in the wood grain, and handcrafting techniques, each Shoemaker stool ™ is completely unique. Together, the turned legs and the T-shaped stabilizer connection creates a true Scandinavian and aesthetic piece of furniture with strong references to the universe of Nordic design.

The construction may seem pretty simple, however the techniques and used to masterfully craft this cultural and gorgeous piece are incredibly difficult to master. The solid piece of wood must be cautiously carved to ensure maximum comfort and create the elegant and Nordic design.

The final process of each individual piece includes meticulous finishes by hand before moving on to a three-step process of colouring or oiling surface treatments. An incredibly elegant and unique piece of furniture that brings Nordic design and masterful craftsmanship resulting in a sophisticated and ultimately comfortable stool piece.

“We have tirelessly optimized the chair from the earliest stages, improving every detail year after year. Among other things, the T-legs have been added for superb stability and the seat has been reshaped and rounded so that if the chair falls the rounded profile protects the top line from breaking. ”- Lars Werner


The Form & Refine Shoemaker is available in three different sizes.