Sen Sculpture n. 1 by Motarasu


A beautiful centre piece for a hallway, table, or wall mount. Reminiscent of the other two SEN sculptures. Guaranteed to turn guests’ heads and ask the question “What’s the story behind this”

Consegna stimata December 16, 2022 se ordini entro 07 hours and 46 minutes.
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SEN translated from Japanese means lines. SEN is a unique and speculative work of art made up of empty square boxes stacked in various ways. Danish designer Mikael Jackson collaborated with MOTARASU to provide the expression of his ceramic art on a steel base. Matched with a glossy powder coating reminiscent of a ceramic base with black glaze. The result being the exclusive SEN collection piece.

Each of the SEN pieces of art are masterfully and meticulously hand welded and, consequently, no two pieces are completely alike. You are sure to be intrigued by the shadows that are cast by the SEN pieces, with infinite expressions when the light shines on the beautiful sculpture. SEN can be put standing or mounted onto a wall, endless possibilities leaving your imagination to match the SEN. A true head turner.

“SEN is a result of the discovery of ability to contrast fragility with strength, visual tension opposed to the loss of expression and order with chaos. It is an act of balance, and the dark black metal form lines in the air, strong but seemingly fragile. ”- Mikael Jackson