Porcelain mug from Vaja Finland


Beautiful porcelain mug. 0.4 litres. Resistant to microwaves and dishwashers. Hand-detailed decoration. Made in Finland.

Data di consegna stimata: December 5, 2022.

This stylish and high-quality ceramic mug in rich and opulent black delivers a smooth and comforting feel of Nordics. The elegant and detailed lines, designed by Fred Owren, make room for a decorative motif, applied by hand in the Porvoo factory in Finland.

The distinctive pearl decoration, masterfully created by Henna Lamberg, is inspired by the beauty of nature and flowers, as well as being a reference to the reliefs carved in the stones of ancient houses. The grey-blue decoration emphasizes the white surface of the ceramic.

A true finish masterpiece in perfect dimension. Bringing Nordic comfort into your home. The incredibly unique design makes it a very special handcrafted piece.