Motarasu Shiro Bowl (3 dots)


Available in both small and large. Design: Stilleben. Combinational and perfectly matched with the other two pieces of the Shiro collection: two dots and three dots. All are Dishwasher safe.

Small version dimensions: 140x75x140 mm.

Large version dimensions: 236 x 124 x236 mm.

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Data di consegna stimata: December 7, 2022.

SHIRO is a simple yet unique and tasteful collection of three bowls that cleverly slot into each other.

Shiro translated corresponds to white in Japanese. The shape is silent, vibrant, and free of maddening details: simply pure porcelain, thin and light (bone china).

The blue dot is inspired by small Japanese stamps. They were often traditionally used to sign a document or to seal a letter. The dot also cleverly indicates the three different sizes of each set.

SHIRO is available in three shapes, offering two sizes for each shape. The Shiro line is handmade in thin and transparent porcelain. Given the very soft material and the high temperature cooking, each bowl received a masterfully crafted individual curve, uniquely signifying each.

The collection was crafted in Vietnam within a Danish ceramic factory supported by DANIDA, the Danish government agency that deals with international co-operations.

The factory is located in a region that boasts a rich and historic library of 1000 years of pottery tradition.

“We wanted to create a simple and sculptural set of bowls of varying sizes, allowing serving of all needs. Furthermore, we felt the need to travel back to a pure and minimalist concept of porcelain, fully focusing on the shapes and thus emphasize the food that is served to you. ”- Companies Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, Stilleben.