Form & Refine stoneware ceramic tray


This beautiful elegant and cultural inspired ceramic tray is belonging to the extraordinary Alcoa collection. This tray provides the cultural assets that enrich Portugal’s history, paired with bright and vibrant fruits, it will be hard to forget you’re not actually in Portugal.

Dimensions: 5.1 × 30 cm. Design: Herman Studio.

Data di consegna stimata: December 5, 2022.

The Form & Refine ceramic tray belongs to the Alcoa collection.

The small petite yet incredibly strong handles on the sides give the tray a functional and recognizable expression. This Alcoa design can be found throughout the line of refined products in the collection.

The surface of the vase is opaque on the outside and glossy on the inside, to give a subtle contrast and providing warmth and class when visualized.

The name Alcoa refers to the Alcobaça region in Portugal, the location for which the pottery comes from. The region is a natural “reserve” of white clay with a long tradition of pottery. Perfectly complimenting the Alcoa collection pieces, bringing the heart and tradition of historically rich Portugal into your home.

The Alcoa ceramic line consists of two-dimensional vases, a pitcher and a tray.