Coloured caps for We Do Wood Scoreboard coat hangers


Made from biodegradable recycled plastic and Nordic pine. Made in Denmark. Each set contains 6 dots. Size: A: 1.8cm; L: 1.6cm; Weight: 0.014 kg.

Data di consegna stimata: December 7, 2022.
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The caps have been specifically designed to create that personal touch to the beautiful coat racks of the Scoreboard line. The caps are created from eco-sustainable material (recycled plastic and Nordic pine). They are designed to be placed on top of the pins of the Scoreboard with ease.

Available in 5 colours with neutral tones: sand, earth, light blue, dark blue and natural green. Each set contains 6 dots.

The colours allow you to be creative with your design and placement of the pins and caps and add your own personal touch to an already stunning piece of furniture.


All We Do Wood products are delivered non-assembled to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from transport. Sustainability, aesthetics and functionality