“Bad Vibe Killer” candle with essential oils from The Good Karma Club


Pure soy wax candle with a blend of 100% natural pure essential oils. Eco-sustainable wooden box. Duration: 50 hours. Weight: 260g. Free shipping.

Data di consegna stimata: December 12, 2022.

Say Goodbye to that negative energy and bad vibes! This candle helps you to remove excessive negativity from your life. It is luxuriously scented with pure Palo Santo essential oil, known for its purifying effect. To ensure the perfect blend, a pinch of juniper, cedar wood and other essential oils have also been added. Estimated burning time: 50 hours.

BLEND OF ESSENTIAL OILS: calming + rooting

ALL candles are scented with 100% natural essential oils only | No synthetic fragrances added

Vegan | Hand poured wax | Without cruelty | Without paraffin | Without phthalates

Each of these lavish candles conceals a hand-selected Golden Tiger’s Eye stone for its vibrations and characteristics. You are advised to let the wax cool before taking out the stone. The size of the stone may vary by approximately 2cm – 3cm.


The infamous “all-seeing and all-knowing eye” | Removes negative energy | Provides you with courage

The infamous Golden Tiger’s Eye is a very powerful and protective stone. The stone is believed to be representative of mental clarity, it will provide you both harmony and peace.
If you are looking for that much needed boost of courage, to help you overcome a fear or risks within your life, the ancient and historic Golden Tiger’s Eye is here for you.

Pure soy wax, pure essential oils.

The Good Karma Club

In order to minimize the production of unsustainable and unnecessary materials, each candle is packed in a natural and luxurious paulownia wooden box. The paulownia tree grows rapidly, making it an environmentally friendly option in comparison to many other trees. We encourage you to reuse or recycle the wooden box as a beautiful side peice.

Warning! Contains: l-Limonene. It can produce an allergic reaction.

Instructions: Always remove the candle from the wooden box before lighting it. Never touch hot wax. Never leave the burning candle unattended. Keep the candle away from anything that can catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Use a heat resistant candle holder. Keep the candle at least 20 cm away. Do not burn the candle in drafts. Do not place the candle near a heat source. Put the candle upright. Cut the wick to 0.5 cm. Extinguish the flame. Don’t blow it up. Keep the wax pool free of matches and debris. Do not move the candle while it is burning. Never use liquids to extinguish the candle. Remove the packaging before use. Don’t touch, it might be hot. Never burn the candle when there is less than 2 cm of wax at the base. Extinguish the candle if the flame gets too high or flickers repeatedly. Allow to cool before turning on again.