“Angle” stool by Form & Refine


Beautifully crafted, versatile and durable stool. Designed and handcrafted using solid wood.

Material: wood.

Design: Herman Studio

Dimensions: 36 × 47.5 × 41 cm.

Data di consegna stimata: December 15, 2022.

An elegantly designed stool that adapts to all purposes, be it form, function, comfort or durability. Surprisingly very comfortable since the sides of the seat are inclined by 10 degrees towards each other. This was specifically designed to enable the stool to easily be used as an extra and comfortable seat.

The leather band under the seat attached with a brass support rod delivers the stool it’s final touch of classy detail and a prominent shape.

The stool is foldable to save space and it can be easily stored on a wall holder as the product includes a solid brass hook.

This piece is the overall Nordic design check box. A very durable object thanks to its solid wood and strong side beams.

The stool is available in oak and black stained oak colours.

“Our desire was to design a new, comfortable and foldable stool. At the same time, it had to be decorative when hung on the wall. Since the upper parts of the seat are inverted towards each other, you can sit pleasantly for extended periods of time, multiple times a day. “- Herman Studio