Akiko Ken Made “Carousel” jewellery box


Conceptually unique jewellery box with a cone as the central element of the design inspired by the classic carousel.

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Data di consegna stimata: December 7, 2022.

Carousel is an incredibly unique and elegant jewellery box with a cone in the centre that is an essential part of the jewellery box. The minimalistic yet stunning design of the box was inspired by an exploration of the form and functional aspects of the simple cone, the core element of the piece.

The masterfully designed and crafted cone holds finder rings and the functional element that holds the lid in place. Another cleverly and functional designed feature is that if you are to stack Carousel, the cone will also keep the carousel on top fixed in place.

The inspiration is solely from the classic and whimsical design of the carousel in which a central column carries the entire structure.

Material: Gorgeous and smooth durable Walnut/ Cherry/ Maple and robust elegant Plexiglas

Dimensions: 130 x 44 mm